Rampant financial populism

[0-year outlook] Minkabu commodity column

Rampant financial populism 0-year outlook] 0-year outlook report, "the beginning of the end", "New Yalta (influence of the United States decline, China Russia's increasing influence)," "one of the Day (North Korea Middle East financial)", "national priority principle towards the mid-term elections," "Buregujitto of the influence manifest "and was raised as a keyword, 0 years long lasted [low inflation] [Goldilocks market] is demise. "Beginning of the end" (the US economic boom cycle late) is beginning to be wary. In addition, restructuring of the international order begins as you want to migrate to the "New Yalta" system, the United States of "national priority principle" is, through the mid-term elections, further intensified show, rightist Populism specific Trump phenomenon, world It is showing the spread in various places. Was taken up as "one of the Day" [North Korea] is, Pyongyang Olympic participation at the last minute of the stage, through the North Korean summit meeting in the morning summit meeting North Korea-US summit meeting in Korea, the worst of the situation (nuclear war) is avoided.