Rampant financial populism

Think again, what exactly is [populism]?

Rampant financial populism Think again, what exactly is [populism]? O Mr. Mr. M Mr. E Birth and of playing cards president, also is said to have become a driving force of the UK's EU withdrawal [populism]. In Japan, it is used as a critical word for such as Junichiro Koizumi, former Prime Minister and Hashimoto Torumoto Osaka mayor, often's current situation is the distinction between democracy are used without clear. The first place or integrally with populism what for, consider the merits and demerits along with the experts. Why populism is born Mr. O will introduce tonight's guest. Europe Politics, Comparative Politics is your specialty, is Mr. M's Chiba University professor. Thank you Mr. M. O Mr. later, also in E Mr.'s political scientist, I would like to heard a talk by phone. Well, your book of Mr. M's, which was published last month, "What is populism" (Chuko Shinsho) has become a hot topic. Why, did you think to write a book about populism in this timing. M Mr. recent years, has been followed by a situation where one after another populism parties to leap all over the world.